// Project Management Software

Produce monthly progress billing based on Schedule of Value itemization

while also including contract changes via managed Change Orders. Track Payments and Retention and view Budget Vs Actual costing in Real-Time.

Easily manage large, complex projects with Crows Nest Contract Management functionality. You’ll be able to establish original contract values prior to or after Change Orders have been approved. Recognize revenues in Real-Time over the course of the project.

Project Financials
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// Project Management Software

Progress Billing Features

  • Schedule Of Values
  • Change Orders Processing (submitted, pending, approved, rejected)
  • Invoicing (with Retainage Processing)
  • AR (Accounts Receivable) processing
  • Real-Time status on Billed To Date and Received To Date
  • Payment Retention Tracking

Project Costing Features

  • Real-Time visibility to Material and Labor ‘Budget Vs Actual’ Reporting
  • View Total Material Budget, Total Category Budgets, Total Line-Item per Category Budgets/Actuals
  • View Total Labor Budget, Total Department Budget, Total Operation per Department Budget/Actuals
  • Budgets may be adjusted during the project based on contract or internal developments
  • Labor and Material Budgets are automatically linked to respective Work Orders and shop drawings

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