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Track Labor in the Shop or in the Field with Crows Nest

Track Labor in the Shop or in the Field with Crows Nest. Crows Nest provides a mobile (Android/IOS) app and a Windows PC based time clock standalone application to be disbursed throughout the shop to create for time keeping stations.

Labor time collection Feature Image
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  • PC standalone program to capture individual clock-ins to a project, project Works Order, Project Labor Department and Labor Operation.
  • Mobile App provides real-time labor collection or a timesheet for entering time on the mobile device when a data connection is not available. The timesheet may later be uploaded to the Crows Nest Server once data access has been re-established.
  • Clock into or out of a break.
  • Clock in times may be rounded up, down to the nearest increment specified.
  • Assigned Tasks may be marked as “complete” by the user.
  • Both the PC and mobile app allow for clocking into specific assigned work order tasks.
  • Mobile App collects GPS coordinates during time entry.

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