End-to-End Project Management

Software infrastructure with comprehensive power tools for successfully effective Project Management.

The Problem: Islands of Automation

  • Project Data scattered across employees
  • Unnecessary duplicated or completely neglected tasks
  • No Project-Wide communication 
  • Lack of accountability on delegated tasks
  • Projects running late

The Idea: Platform Based Cohesive Infrastructure

Your entire team can manage projects, estimates, budgets , documents, internal notes, contacts (CRM), tasks, purchases, inventory, resources, schedules, timesheets, and progress billings from one powerful platform.

The Solution: Utilize Crows Nest Software

  • Streamline project management processes across your entire business
  • Plan and strategize every project before it begins
  • Define all tasks, resources, time durations, dependencies, and critical paths
  • Gain real-time visibility into project job cost, milestones, and production schedules
crows nest features

Crows Nest Software Features


Quick & easy takeoffs: Based on a user created library of parametrically driven product templates.  Features robust estimate customization tools to meet unique spec requirements.

Project Communication

A suite of communication tools providing end-to-end project communication. End-to-end project information sharing and visibility.

Project Accountability Workflow / Task Management

Robust workflow engine with task assignment and task completion monitoring for performance accountability.

Engineering Preconstruction

Management of the project engineering phase offering  shop drawing, RFI, RFQ, and material submittal approval tracking. Create manufacturing releases matching your shop’s net resource capacity. 

Materials Management

Requisitions and Purchase Order Management with real-time inventory visibility for lean execution and processing. Track labor in the shop or out in the field with Crows Nest PC or Mobile based Time-Clock applications.

Project Scheduling

Dynamic operational and production scheduling in conjunction with net resource capacity. Track project progress and delivery shipments with use of a bar code scanner and the Crows Nest Mobile App.


Project Job costing offering real-time visibility into BUDGET Vs ACTUAL Expense for labor and material.

Labor Time Collection

Crows Nest Professional Services will produce custom reports to user requirements through the implementation and Annual Update and Support Program.

Shipping Manifests

Crows Nest offers pre-built integrations to popular industry packaged accounting software, such as Quick Books, Sage and Xero. 

Project Financials

Progress billing with Retention Tracking, Change Order and Payment Receipts Tracking and Real-Time Budget vs. Actual Costing Analysis.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reports per Customer Requirements will be provided

Accounting Software Integration

Ready-made Integrations with QuickBooks, Sage, Xero plus import/export facilities for other 3rd party software.

Android & IOs Mobile App

Crows Nest features made available from anywhere.
hellman chang case study

Woodworking Project Management

Easily navigate complex processes, eliminate data re-entry, and improve daily functions such as Estimation, Scheduling, Production, Purchasing, Progress Billing for on-time and on-budget Project Completion.

“…I was in need of a software solution to better manage my operations; the series of Excel files and Google spreadsheets were becoming increasingly difficult to manage as my company grew. I looked at JobBoss, E2 Shop Systems and the like before partnering with Crows Nest. While the software itself was impressive, the level of service Crows Nest provided before and after signing on is what made the decision obvious…”

– Daniel Hellman, Co‐Founder, Hellman‐Chang

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