Case Studies

VOGO Cabinets

Jackie Brown joined VOGO Cabinets as director of operations after previously helping manage a $1 billion outdoor footwear company. Jackie was tasked with taking this Denver-based custom manufacturer to the next level of profitability included finding a software package that could address VOGO’s CRM and production systems.

“We needed a CRM system in addition to a system that could provide project information, production scheduling, quoting capabilities, invoicing, and visibility to the shop.”

Learn why Crows Nest Software was selected by Vogo Cabinets as a center piece of their critical strategic growth plan.

vogo cabinets case study

Interior Components Group, Inc.

Corey Hanson, President of Interior Components Group (ICG), is uniquely qualified to discuss the numerous benefits his company enjoys using Crows Nest Software from estimating through invoicing. Prior to buying a stake in the St. Cloud, MN, company Hanson was first a salesman and then a user of manufacturing ERP software.

“Crows Nest is the fourth major ERP software that I have worked with and I have to say, it’s the most straightforward. Quite honestly, the other ERP packages I’ve used are so complex that if anything changes, you have to jump through hoops and change your process to match the system. Crows Nest is a software package that you can begin using from day one because it has all of the basics you need to get started.”

Learn how Crows Nest has helped Interior Components Group achieve a “consistent standardized process” that meshes very well with the company’s lean program to reduce waste.

interior components group

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