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Realtime visibility of your production operations

with the flexibility to eliminate bottlenecks, resource constraints, delays, to meet your customers’ deadlines

Bring your projects to completion consistently on time and on budget. The Crows Nest Timeline presents a dynamically driven view of all production tasks remaining against user defined milestone dates in Gantt Chart form. Milestone dates are user defined and can be manually entered or automatically updated upon completion of a respective operational task or calculated based on other milestone dates. Milestone date auto‐calculation formulas are set globally but can be customized for individual projects as needed.

Each operational task shown on the Timeline Gantt Chart view belongs to a labor department. Using the Gantt Chart in conjunction with the Crows Nest Resource Capacity Calendar, you can view resource constraints by the month, week, or day. The Timeline view allows for work order start date or work order operation date changes as necessary to automatically adjust completion dates.

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// Project Management Software


  • Separate your project into Work Orders and track each individually with specific milestone dates applied to the workorder. As an example: Set the “Ship Date” to when the customer wants your product on site. From there, auto-calculate your manufacturing start date to commence in ample time to meet your updated “Ship Date,” ensuring on-time, on-budget completion.
  • Scheduling is driven via Crows Nest Task Management.
  • Visual, Drag & Drop
  • Project & Production Scheduling
  • Forward/Backward Scheduling
  • Precise employee scheduling
  • Color-Coding for Visual Segregation
  • Formula-Driven
  • What If Scheduling
  • Capacity Planning

Crows Nest Project Management Software has the tools and features you need to keep your projects moving with pinpoint accuracy. Contact our sales team to find out more.