Question #1

“May we purchase a Crows Nest license rather than having to sign up for a never ending subscription?”

Answer #1

Crows Nest Software usage licensing is sold per server, on a perpetual one-time purchase basis. It is very important to consider that investing in Enterprise Level software such as Crows Nest is strategically and consequentially critical to the future of the corporate entity, in that the solution becomes the infrastructure and directional underpinning of the organization.

Therefore purchase decisions on Enterprise Level Software will have a multi-decade impact. Thus TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP over a 20 year span is significantly less than the never-ending Subscription (rental) model.

Crows Nest also offers an optional annual Update Service entitling the license holder to all feature enhancements that become available during their Update Service Agreement term.

Question #2

“What is the advantage of a Windows Application?”

Answer #2

Platform based ERP solutions such as Crows Nest are generally tasked with accommodating customers’ requirement to interact with a large quantity of Project files residing on their local file system.

By design, the OS does not allow the level of access needed between the browser and the local file system for this functionality. Since this has become among the main selling points of CN, we do not want to lose this functionality. Windows apps also allow for integration with other Windows apps via drag-n-drop. Furthermore, in contrast to hosted browser apps (SAAS) where customers do not get to choose when to roll out updates, Crows Nest customers have direct control of which updates they are going to implement across their entire organization.

Lastly, since our sales model is a purchase of the software usage license perpetually, should a customer decide to discontinue their update service, they can run their last released version forever as opposed to browser apps (SAAS) solutions that render their customers cutoff from the solution.

Question #3

“Is Crows Nest Cloud Based?”

Answer #3

Crows Nest has the advantage of being offered as Resident Based or Cloud Based.  Privacy and security issues are greatly mitigated when Crows Nest is resident based, and even when Crows Nest is implemented in a “cloud-based” scenario, our approach offers greater privacy and security risk mitigation than traditional “Subscription” based models.  Why is this so?  Simply, this is due to the fact that every Crows Nest implementation receives its own unique MS SQL Database (resident of cloud implemented), which is in stark contrast to “Subscription, shared data-base models”, where cloud-based providers typically designate a slice (or instance) of their single database to each licensee.

Furthermore, when making an Enterprise Level Software purchase decision you must ask yourself the impact of the “Subscription-Based Model” closing their operations versus that of a dedicated database offering such as Crows Nest.  The Subscription-Based provider will say that the data may be downloaded in such tragic circumstances.  If only it was that easy.  Optimal and scalable database solutions consists of an enormous quantity of tables that refer to each other, therefore all of the data references from each table would need to be recreated once downloaded, as well as a new browser UI written to access the data.  This will be extremely costly not only in a monetary sense, but in terms of downtime.  Remember, your entire business is based on this infrastructure.

With Crows Nest software you’re already set.  You own your usage perpetually to the software, and the entire database is already sitting either on your physical server or in the cloud through a database hosting service such as Amazon AWS that you have contracted with directly. The UI is a windows application so nothing needs to be charged, created or added to.  No downtime, No extra cost, and mitigated risk.