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Dynamic Estimating

Based on a user created library of parametrically driven product templates. Our software features robust estimating tools, to meet unique requirements like:

  • User created product library consisting of customizable product templates.
  • Each product template contains materials and labor operations parametrically customized per takeoff usage.
  • Each product template may optionally contain alternate configuration sets.
  • Takeoff the project scope for group breakdown or holistic costing.
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Project Communications

A suite of communication tools providing end-to-end project communication. End-to-end project information sharing and visibility.

  • Milestone Date Dashboard.
  • Document Management.
  • Project Notes.
  • Project Contacts (CRM).
  • Links.
  • and many more
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Task Management

With a robust workflow engine, Our software easily handles task assignment and task completion monitoring for performance accountability.

  • Description: Used to establish the task purpose, i.e., mandates, reminders, event occurrence, or decisions
  • Assignment: Tasks may be assigned based on project role or default assignment. Multiple task assignments are also supported.
  • Dependency: Task sequencing is determined by its dependency on its respective predecessor.
  • and others
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Engineering Preconstruction

Management of the project engineering phase offering shop drawing, RFI, RFQ, and material-submittal-approval tracking. Create manufacturing releases matching your shop’s net resource capacity.

  • Shop Drawing Register: Track each shop drawing’s progress and status via milestone dates such as “required”, “submitted” and “returned dates”.
  • Revision History : Each shop drawing line item tracks the revision history until final approval is received.
  • Material & Finishes Approval: Submit Material Samples and Finish Samples for project owner/architect approvals. Submission history such as date sent, approval/rejected date are tracked.
  • And more…
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Material Management

Requisitions and Purchase Order Management with real-time inventory visibility for lean execution and processing.

  • Requisition Linkage: Each line item may be directly linked to a project Work Order, Shop Drawing and attachment.
  • Requisition Data: Item description, including modifiers such as finish, pricing, vendor, payment and shipping terms when negotiated outside of purchasing are provided to procurement personnel for their purchase order facilitation.
  • Purchasing: Satisfy all requisitions by either allocating from inventory, issuing a purchase order or rejecting back to the requisitioner.
  • and Others
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Robust Scheduling

Dynamic operational and production scheduling in conjunction with net resource capacity.

  • Separate your project into Work Orders, tracking each individually.
  • Scheduling is driven via Crows Nest Task Management
  • Visual, Drag & Drop
  • Project & Production Scheduling
  • and more…
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Work Orders Feature Image
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Work Orders

Create Work Orders of size, scope, and type around your production capabilities and capacities. Track Work Order milestone dates unique to each works order.

  • Split Projects into smaller manageable Works Order releases.
  • Define unique Dates/Tasks per individual works order release.
  • Releases may be quantity driven based on custom defined Unit Of Measure (UOM).
  • Create custom works order templates specific to each type of Work Orders Release.
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Labor Time Collection

Track Labor in the Shop or in the Field with Crows Nest. Crows Nest provides a mobile (Android/IOS) app and a Windows PC based time clock standalone application to be disbursed throughout the shop to create for time keeping stations.

  • PC stand alone program to capture individual clock-ins to a project, project Work Order, Project Labor Department and Labor Operation.
  • Clock Into or out of a Break
  • Clock In times may be rounded up, down to the nearest increment specified.
  • Assigned Tasks may be marked as “complete” by the user.
  • and more…
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Shipping Manifests

Scan bar-coded shipping labels via the Crows Nest Mobile App for the listing of all items to reside in a shipping manifest. Then print Shipping Tickets to travel with the goods listed in the manifest to their destination

  • User Defined Bar-Code Labels
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning (Android, iOS)
  • Windows Mobile CE Support for Industrial Laser Scanners
  • Manifest list may be imported from 3rd party solution.
  • and more,,,
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Project Financials

Progress billing with Retention Tracking, Change Order and Payment Receipts Tracking and Real-Time Budget vs. Actual Costing Analysis.

  • Schedule Of Values
  • Change Orders Processing (submitted, pending, approved, rejected)
  • Invoicing (with Retainage Processing)
  • and more…
Project Financials
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Custom Reporting

Crows Nest will develop Custom Reports to user requirements for new customers as a standard service offering. “If the data exists in Crows Nest, then a custom report can be created to your design around it”

  • Over 300 standard report layouts shipped with Crows Nest Software.
  • Standard report layouts may be “tweaked” to customer preference.
  • Custom report layouts based on user specification are optionally available.
  • Reports may be automatically run on a configured repeating schedule
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Accounting Integration

Ready-made Integrations with QuickBooks, Sage, Xero plus import/export facilities for other 3rd party software.

  • Quick Books
  • Sage
  • Zero
  • Bluebeam
  • Planswift
  • and many others…
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Android & IOS Mobile APP

In addition to the Crows Nest PC based timeclock station software is our mobile app (IOS and Android) for fast, easy, and convenient labor data entry at the work location.

  • Timeclock: Clock in or out of a project, work order or assigned task directly to the Crows Nest server or via the TimeSheet when a data connection is not available. View entered hours over a data range.
  • Project: Remotely capture GPS coordinates and view all project CONTRACTS.
  • Manifests: Use your mobile device’s camera to scan bar-coded shipping labels as you load for shipment or unload at the job site.
  • and more…