Project Communication (CRM)

project communication

Eliminate unnecessary task duplication, missed goals and MILESTONES, misallocated resources and project scope creep

What is a project without a team, and what is a team without complete and accessible communication?  Without end-to-end communication it’s possible that tasks are duplicated by multiple project team members, important milestones are missed, resources become misallocated, or that the project’s scope begins to creep outside of the realm of what was originally contracted. Ultimately, projects can screech to a halt, or worse, fail altogether.

The Crows Nest Communication toolset features a suite of capabilities that enable project end-to-end visibility of paramount information consisting of:

Communication Suite Features

  • MILESTONE DATE DASHBOARD: Updated real-time view of all project milestone dates in the Project Dashboard. A singular milestone date change can have a global impact on the project tasks, project scheduling and resource capacities. 
  • DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Based on your establishment of a standardized template, every new project will automatically include a consistent set of Project Folders that are mapped to specific Crows Nest internal functions.  For example:  you wish to have a dedicated project folder dedicated to RFI’s.  Any RFI’s created for that project will automatically be saved to this folder with a single click.
  • PROJECT NOTES:  A dedicated area for the creation and collection of all project notes as individually entered by all project team members.  Each note is time and date stamped for contemporaneous memorization.  No longer will team members be working within project silos, thus eliminating duplication and or missed requirements.
  • LINKS: Quick and easy single-click access to any internal or external file or web address.
  • PROJECT CONTACTS (CRM): Contact information for other contractors working on the project including their assigned employees’ information.  Physical address locations can be viewed in Google Maps for distance from your location.  Phone numbers may be utilized for single click dialing to take  contemporaneous call notes.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Missed or late task due dates, completed tasks, task assignments, changed milestone dates are just some of the types of triggers that can be created for instant notifications and alerts.
project communication
project communication contacts

“The data Crows Nest gives us on a real time basis all the time is tremendously valuable. Much more valuable than you can often get with larger pieces of software that take years and years and many consultants to develop and implement.”  

—Scott Royer, President Windfall Architectural Products

Communication Features



Track real-time project Milestone Dates, and real-time project cost broken out by Material, Labor Expenses and Commission.


Project Milestone Dates

Create user defined Project Milestone dates that will be updated manually or automatically via date formulas throughout the lifecycle of the project.


Document Management

Introduce a template of Windows Folders that will be used to create the folder set with each new entered project.  Respective template folders will be mapped to specific functions within Crows Nest that will in turn automatically create subfolders for each line item introduced within the project’s function.  For example, if 3 line items are entered in the WorkOrder Function, 3 subfolders will additionally be created within the workorder root folder for storage of files associated with the specific WorkOrder. 



Each project has a dedicated NOTES function for the collection of notes that may be categorized by user defined topics.  Each note is date, time and author stamped for documented memorization purposes.  Alerts may be set up notifying project team members of the newly created note.  In addition to the Project Level NOTES Function, many of other Crows Nest functions can contain notes.



Each project has a dedicated LINKS function for the collection of links that may be associated with an internal file or folder, or external URL.  In addition to the Project Level LINKS Function, many of other Crows Nest functions can contain links.



Capture all of the external businesses and individuals (business’ employees, and independent people) associated with the project.  Single click access to a business or individual contact information. Determine the business or contact location relative you’re the user’s business via Google Maps.  Associate the Business or Individual with a project role.  Track history of each business or individual’s association with your projects.

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