Hellman-Chang Testimonial

“What I am most pleased with is Crows Nest’s commitment to servicing my individual requests…”

I own and operate a high‐end furniture company that manufactures stand‐alone pieces of furniture. I was in need of a software solution to better manage my operations; the series of Excel files and Google spreadsheets were becoming increasingly difficult to manage as my company grew. I looked at JobBoss, E2 Shop Systems and the like before partnering with Crows Nest. While the software itself was impressive, the level of service Crows Nest provided before and after signing on is what made the decision obvious.

Initially I could not find a solution that was tailored to managing FURNITURE production – everything I looked at was geared towards machine shops or cabinet/millwork shops, companies that have larger but fewer PROJECTS to manage with many PHASES. My production is centered on many smaller projects, namely managing one piece of furniture through the production process. While Crows Nest is built on the cabinet/millwork shop system, they were confident they could work with me to create a solution. This has been the case since the beginning and continues to this day.

Below are the main ‘pillars’ of my process that I needed Crows Nest to address, along with the benefits I have realized:

  1. Order entry and tracking: My order entry used to take ~15min per piece of furniture, it now takes about ~2min. Once the order is entered, the tracking of the piece and its associated tasks has become more efficient, more accurate, and easier to change if needed.
  2. Piece templates: Crows Nest helped me setup templates for each piece of furniture in my line, as I process orders for the same item over and over. This has far‐reaching benefits to all of the parts of the system ‐ from order tracking, scheduling, inventory, analytics, etc.
  3. Task management: How we divvy up tasks and responsibilities is now so clear and easy to manage. We had no system of managing this prior to Crows Nest.
  4. Inventory management: Since implementing Crows Nest, I have been able to know exactly what materials and parts are required for each piece, along with exactly WHEN I need to order them. This has helped reduce the redundancies of ordering extra to be ‘safe’. It has also improved my cash flow – the money is not tied up in unnecessary inventory.
  5. Scheduling and capacity: While the scheduling has become much easier, I am still working with Crows Nest on understanding my true capacity on an hour‐by‐hour basis. They have shown me the framework for how this will be achieved and I am confident I will have a solution in the near future.
  6. Analytics: Again, this had previously been done through a series of fragmented Excel sheets. While it worked, it was difficult to get the data in, and it was very error prone. I set these up myself; suffice it to say these were rudimentary at best. The analytical and reporting features of Crows Nest have been thorough, easy to use and well displayed. I have only scratched the surface of these capabilities.

What I am most pleased with is Crows Nest’s commitment to servicing my individual requests, even if they do now have direct benefits to the larger Crows Nest user community; I am most excited to see what these guys come up with next that will benefit my company in ways I would not have anticipated.

‐ Daniel Hellman, Co‐Founder, Hellman‐Chang

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