With many robust, dynamic features, Crows Nest Software is the most powerful tool for project management.

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Bring your projects to completion consistently on time and in budget. Keep track of your project dates to avoid missed deadlines! Create milestone dates with custom names that can be manually entered or automatically set when specific tasks are completed. Milestone dates can also be autocalculated based on other dates. The default milestone formulas for autocalculation are set globally, but can be customized for individual projects as needed.

Separate your project into phases and track each phase individually with a separate set of dates specific to that phase. As an Example: Set the “Ship Date” to when the customer wants your product on site. From there, auto-calculate your manufacturing start date to commence in enough time to meet your updated “Ship Date,” ensuring on-time, in-budget completion.

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  • Visual, Drag & Drop
  • Project & Production Scheduling
  • Forward/Backward Scheduling
  • Precise employee scheduling
  • Color-Coding for Visual Segregation
  • Formula-Driven
  • What If Scheduling
  • Capacity Planning

  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • Labor and resources are optimized and utilized at maximum efficiency
  • Identify Scheduling Conflicts & Capacity
  • Ensures bringing projects in on-time, and in budget

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Task Management

Create tasks that can be tracked per project or phase. Employees are able to view their tasks and deadlines to keep themselves on track. The completion of tasks will trigger other tasks and notify the task leader, creating a chain of events. Due dates are calculated using the same easytocreate formulas as applied to project milestone dates.

Task deadlines are recalculate automatically when milestone dates fluctuate and are updated. Tasks can be directly assigned to employees or indirectly through a role-assignment. Completed tasks can also update milestone dates or progress lifecycle indicators.

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  • Auto-Triggered Task Creation w/ assigned resources
  • Time Durations and Relationships (dependencies) based on Formula
  • Driven Milestone Dates
  • Employee notification of new tasks immediately upon assignment
  • Tasks may include checklists reminder items

  • Critical tasks are completed on-time, keeping the project moving on schedule
  • Downstream delays caused by upstream missed tasks are eliminated
  • Employee productivity increases through prioritized task management and assignment
  • Bottlenecks caused by overloaded task assignments are eliminated

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  • Auto Task
  • Project Management

Job Costing

Unlike traditional accounting which only reports historically “How did we do,” Crows Nest job costing identifies in real-time “How are we doing.”

  • Real-time Capture of Labor Cost, Material Cost, Install Cost

  • Enables you be proactive and make on the fly adjustment if necessary to insure project profitability
  • Real-Time visibility into Actual Cost to date vs. Budget Cost
  • Real-Time visibility into Remaining Cost towards completion

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  • Job Costing 2
  • Job Costing 1

Work Order Management

Apply a template of date-driven prioritized tasks relevant to each phase of work released on the project. The date-driven prioritized tasks are calculated based on work-order milestone dates, quantities, and other relevant information entered with the issuance of each work-order. Breaking each project down into component work-orders enables greater overall project management and cost analysis from an entire project overview down to each project segment. Work-Order Management also feeds the powerful project and production scheduler offered in Crows Nest.


  • Split Projects into smaller manageable Phases
  • Define unique Dates/Tasks per individual Phase
  • Releases may be quantity driven based on custom defined Unit Of Measure (UOM)
  • Create custom work-order templates specific to each type types of release
  • Work-Order Tasks are unique and separate from Project-Level Tasks

  • Better control of Project Phases
  • Greater Job Costing Flexibility as Costs are captured down to the work-order within the project

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Work Order Screen

Material Management

Create Material Requisitions with calculated Order-By-Dates based on Need-By-Dates, Check Real-Time Inventory for line-item availability, Automatic Stock Replenishment Purchasing, PO Management and Tracking in one powerful, integrated software application.

  • Material Requisitions with cost threshold monitoring and approval
  • Purchase Order Creation with auto calculated Order By Dates based on Need-By-Dates
  • Purchase Orders Creation and Editing Limited by Granted Authority Pick Tickets
  • Real-time Inventory Allocation for Project and Stock Material
  • Receiving with 3-way matching
  • Track Critical Delivery Dates with Follow-Up Date Tracking
  • Previous Item Purchasing Cost History Tracking

  • Crows Nest facilitates all material management requirements from purchasing to inventory management and job costing.
  • Quickly and accurately enables the creation of purchase orders by employees that have been granted PO Permissions
  • POs may be created for like items on multiple projects for reduced purchase cost
  • PO Receipt Dates are tracked to ensure critical deliveries are on track for LEAN/JIT Manufacturing
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility eliminates redundant or unnecessary purchasing

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  • Purchase Orders 1
  • Purchase Orders 2
  • Purchase Orders 4

Time Keeping

Crows Nest Software will track employee time, attendance, and labor costs in association with each project for real-time job costing and payroll transaction collection. Time collection is available as a desktop client within Crows Nest for front-office employees, or as a stand-alone TimeClock Windows Application for shop employees. Outside employees such as installers may utilize the Crows Nest iOS or Android App for field labor reporting.

  • Quick and easy clock-in for accurate capture of real-time Project, Department, Work-Order, and Operation labor
  • Export for Payroll
  • Mobile Support (Android, iOS)

  • Real-time labor cost for job costing
  • Labor may be captured down to the Project, Labor Department, Work-Order, and even labor operation level for in-depth Job Costing Analysis

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Time Keeping

Document Control

Create and track project documents such as Contracts, Project Specs, RFIs, RFQs, Change Orders, and POs. Use the Crows Nest powerful search & filter tools to find relevant information whenever you need it. Add hyperlinks to files on your network or on the Internet. A builtin file explorer allows you to see your project files without having to browse through long file paths or leave Crows Nest.

  • Centralized Project Folders
  • Integrated File Explorer
  • Honors Windows File Security
  • Files Storage may be cloud-based

  • Quickly and easily find any project related electronic document
  • Files and documents are available across the entire corporate enterprise for increased project communication and collaboration
  • Project Files may be assessed out in the field

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Document Management

Contact Management (CRM)

Everything you need to know about a customer, prospect or vendor is right at your fingers with Crows Nest Software.

  • Link Business & Contacts to Projects
  • Store Infinite Email addresses and Phone Numbers
  • Instantly look up distance and travel directions to the contact’s address
  • Quickly look up every project and project Status each business is involved with your company

  • One stop company-wide availability of business and contacts providing all pertinent information including multiple phone and emails addresses
  • Quickly identify your most valuable business partners by having readily available listing of all current projects that you are working on with them

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  • Contact Management 1
  • Contact Management 2


Track project progress and delivery shipments with use of a bar code scanner. Manufacturers may track work-cell completion as work progresses. Completed items may be tracked as they leave the assembly area. Items may be scanned as they are loaded into a container or delivery vehicle as well as scanned when being off-loaded at the job site. Delivery manifests are accepted, signed and tracked as part of the project history. Remote barcode scanning can be done with the mobile app available on Android and iOS.

  • Flexible Manifest Creation
  • Importing
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning (Android, iOS)
  • Windows Mobile CE Support for Industrial Laser Scanners

  • Track Shipments
  • Track Parts in Production
  • Delivery Receipts

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  • manifest_grid
  • shipping-manifest
  • shipping label

Contract Management

Easily manage large, complex projects with Crows Nest Contract Management functionality. You’ll be able to establish original contract values prior to or after Change Orders have been approved. Recognize revenues over the course of the project.

  • Schedule of Values
  • Change Orders Processing (submitted, pending, approved, rejected)
  • Invoicing (with Retainage Processing)
  • AR (Accounts Receivable)

  • Keep on top of change Orders, Change Order Status
  • Include Change Orders in your invoicing so not to overlook and under bill
  • Real-Time status on Billed To Date and Received To Date

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Multi-User Database

Utilize the Crows Nest Platform to evoke a central repository for corporate-wide shared access to all key project information, updated in real-time.

  • Single Centralized Database (MS SQL Server)
  • Stored on Internal Network
  • Documents may be Cloud-Based

  • Scalable
  • Real-Time Simultaneous Access for all users
  • Eliminates Redundancy and Related Errors
  • No fractured data

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With the powerful combination of Crows Nest query generator and a custom report writing/formatting capability, users are enabled to develop and deploy reports based on their unique requirements. If the data exists in Crows Nest, you’ll be able to report on it.  Of course, we will support and willingly create the report for you if requested.

  • Microsoft Reporting Platform
  • Free Report Editor
  • Custom Report Creation

  • Internet Community Support
  • Common Platform

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  • categorized material cost
  • workload projection stacked column graph


Create accurate estimates quickly based on a customizable product library, enabling complete and effortless takeoffs. Each library product contains all respective parts and labor operations required to produce the deliverable. Project scope is also captured in each estimate allowing holistic cost estimating, or group breakdown costing. Import an estimate from a previous similar project for a quick starting point on a new quotation. Easily produce Alternate Quotes as well as account for material substitution pricing. Individual and customizable material and labor profit markups results in finalized selling price with little effort. Utilize custom reports to generate views ranging from cost details to bid summaries to ready-to-send proposals.

  • Customizable Product Library
  • Integrated Custom Reporting
  • Import Estimate Directly to Job Costing Budget
  • Project Scope Take-off
  • Alternate Quotes and Material Substitution
  • Individualized Material and Labor Profit Markups

  • Single Application avoids exporting/importing steps
  • Quick, Efficient and Accurate Estimating, results in competitive quoting with minimum resource utilization
  • Bid more, Win more, using less time and effort

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  • estimate takeoff 1

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