Corporate Casework Testimonial

“Crows Nest is by far our most value added software investment…”

“Corporate Casework has been using Crows Nest for about one year. The improvement to the overall performance and organization of our projects has greatly benefited. We often look back and wonder how we even functioned without it. In fact, we often refer to two eras of our company when discussing projects – before Crows Nest and after Crows Nest.

Crows Nest has given us the ability to efficiently manage larger and more complicated projects. It is an economical software solution that allows us to enter customized task templates for cutlists, automatically use formulas for scheduled task assignments, associate SOV values to cutlists, track employee hours, share project documents, enter and track materials, and much more. All of the above functions as well as many more useful tools are logically linked and simple to use.

When giving clients tours of our facility I often run them through a demo of Crows Nest. Showing them how detailed our information is and how efficiently we can maintain that level of detail is always impressive. They know they can rely on us for accurate and up‐to‐date project information whenever they ask for it. They also know that we can quickly evaluate the feasibility of changes in their schedule and find ways to meet their needs. Additionally, our staff members that are associated to tasks linked to the schedule are immediately updated and know exactly what they need to do and when.

Crows Nest is by far our most value added software investment in the last couple years. It was simple to implement and is now used by our entire office staff. Crows Nest’s customer support has been excellent. They’ve even incorporated our feedback into improvements for updates and future releases. We are very happy with our choice.”

‐ Brian Yoder, Project Manager

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