Comprehensive Software for Specialty Contractors

Bottom line performance with Crows Nest Project Management.


Streamline Takeoff and Estimating

Quickly and accurately complete your takeoffs, add all required cost affected specifications, add markups and win more projects.

  • Quick and Fast digital takeoff
  • Accurate material and labor capture based on historical rates
  • Global and local Material and Labor substitution
  • Line item, group level and estimate level mark ups
  • Estimate specific labor and material rate overrides
  • We will create your custom bid proposals with single click usage
streamline estimating


Maximize Labor Productivity

Real-time job-costing enables proactive course corrections to mitigate run-away labor expenditures.

  • Real-time visibility into productivity
  • Know “How Are We Doing” instead of traditional “How Did We do”?
  • Proactively course correct to improve outcomes
job costing


Automated Task Management and Employee Accountability

Establish and drive to consistency your corporate processes defined as the collection, sequencing and timing of necessitated tasks throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Tasks are triggered and assigned based on milestone completions.
  • Completed tasks are date stamped and marked with the employee name.
  • Custom create Task Due Date calculations
  • Complete tasks to trigger a project lifecycle phase change.
task management


Real-Time Financial Visibility

Quickly create Schedule Of Values (SOV) in tight coordination with your intended progress billing and overall project costing to always know your budget status throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Issue progress-billing invoices based on SOV line items.
  • Real-Time comparison of actual material and labor consumption to budgeted.
  • Issue and track Change Orders quickly and easily.
  • Issue AIA equivalent G702/G703 payment requests
  • Track payment retention.
financial visibility

“…I was in need of a software solution to better manage my operations; the series of Excel files and Google spreadsheets were becoming increasingly difficult to manage as my company grew. I looked at JobBoss, E2 Shop Systems and the like before partnering with Crows Nest. While the software itself was impressive, the level of service Crows Nest provided before and after signing on is what made the decision obvious…”

– Daniel Hellman, Co‐Founder, Hellman‐Chang

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