Residential Cabinetry

Residential Cabinet manufacturers are challenged by the inherent complexities of coordinating multi-faceted activities among simultaneous high quantity short-duration projects

Your problem set is similar to commercial woodworking manufactures in that you must coordinate activities in step with the overall project lifecycle.  Whereas an architectural woodworking firm deals with a general contractor, you must deal with a home builder or owner, and still coordinate with various other specialty trades.

Your reputation that you have built is only as good as your last completed on time project.  How do you maintain the expectations that you’ve set or promised?  Project Management by Crows Nest is the answer with a comprehensive and cohesive solution set.

Residential Cabinetry Features


Quick and easy takeoffs.

Project Communication

A suite of project communication tools.

Project Accountability Workflow / Task Management

Robust workflow engine with completion dated task assignments.

Shop Drawing Management

Track each shop drawing status and completion.

Material Management

Track approvals and manage inventory and procurement.


Interactive scheduling based on work order volumes and capacity constraints.


Track production among each and all shop releases.

Labor Time Collection

Real-Time labor collection in the shop or in the field.

Shipping Manifests

Track each shipment via bar coded automation.

Project Financials

Real-time comparisons of budgeted materials and labor expense.

Custom Reporting

Custom Report generation to your specifications.

Accounting Software Integration

Popular integrations such as Quick Books, SAGE, Xero.

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