Shipping Manifests

shipping manifests

Track project progress and delivery shipments with use of a bar code scanner

Scan bar-coded shipping labels via the Crows Nest Mobile App for the listing of all items to reside in a shipping manifest.  Then print Shipping Tickets to travel with the goods listed in the manifest to their destination.  Once at the delivery point, scan OFF-LOADING to document onsite delivery and acceptance with the signed Shipping Ticket.  Additionally, manufacturers may track production progress via bar-code scanning upon completion at each work-cell.


  • User Defined Bar-Code Labels
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning (Android, iOS)
  • Windows Mobile CE Support for Industrial Laser Scanners
  • Manifest list may be imported from 3rd party solution.
  • Manifests may be further segmented with the use of CONTAINERS for easy tracking of large shipments or multi-project single delivery vehicle shipments.
  • Create and scan user defined labels for each production work-cell to capture real-time production progress per work order or project.
  • Use User Defined Shipping Tickets for documentation of delivery acceptance.
shipping manifests
shipping manifests
shipping manifests

“Crows Nest is the fourth major ERP software that I have worked with and I have to say, it’s the most straightforward.  Quite honestly, the other ERP packages I’ve used are so complex that if anything changes, you have to jump through hoops and change your process to match the system. Crows Nest is a software package that you can begin using from day one because it has all of the basics you need to get started.”

–Corey Hanson, President, Interior Components Group

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