Engineering / Preconstruction


Manage and track RFI’s, shop drawings, samples and finish submissions for approval

Create project handoff meetings from Estimating to Project Engineering/Preconstruction.  Track all required shop drawing progress in conformance with project related milestone dates.  RFI, RFQ, Material and Finishes Approval management and tracking.


  • SHOP DRAWING REGISTER: Track each shop drawing progress and status via milestone dates such as required, submitted and returned dates.
  • REVISION HISTORY: Each shop drawing line item tracks the revision history until final approval is received.
  • MATERIAL AND FINISHES APPROVAL MANAGEMENT.  Submit Material Samples and Finish Samples for project owner/architect approvals.  Submission history such as date sent, approval/rejected date are tracked. 
  • RFI MANAGEMENT:  After project award, official Requests for Information (RFI’s) are created and tracked with their milestone date and conclusion history.  Due dates may be established with past due alerts created to eliminate project delays.
  • RFQ MANAGEMENT: As engineering breaks down material requirements and approvals are received, sourcing requests for quotations (RFQs) may be issued and returned to procurement.
engineering preconstruction

“I’m the CEO working from home. Our COO works from home, estimators, engineers, purchasing agent. A lot of our people work from home. Our product managers work from home as well as go to the job sites. And Crows Nest allows us to do that with all the access, to all the information we need to be able to run the company successfully.”

–Joe Wadsworth, CEO, Custom Source Woodworking

Preconstruction Management Features


Drawing Register

Track your shop drawing progress by drawing status, and project related dates such as drawing start date, drawing submittal target date, drawing required date, drawing submittal date, drawing return date.  Each drawing may additional be tracked through its revision history and will also be associated with any project RFIs, related work orders, or change orders. Each drawing register line item will also be associated with its Crows Nest created subfolder for storage of the drawing in any desired file format.  A pic viewer is available to visually display any drawing that is stored in a typical window format (jpeg, png, tiff, etc)


RFI Management

Write up, submit and track all project RFI’s. Mark the RFI as closed with a RFI conclusion.  Track submittal date and return date for contemporaneous memorization and project documentation. 


RFQ Management

Write up, submit and track all project RFQ’s to your vendors for material and labor sourcing.  Easily be alerted to past due and open RFQ’s.  Associate the RFQ with Crows Nest estimating for internal documentation of pricing used to create the estimate.

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