Labor Time Collection

labor time collection

Track Labor in the Shop or in the Field with Crows Nest

Crows Nest provides a Windows PC based time clock standalone application to be disbursed throughout the shop to create for time keeping stations.  Additionally, Crows Nest offers its IOS and Android mobile app for internal or external time collection.


  • PC stand alone program to capture individual clock-ins to a project, project Work Order, Project Labor Department and Labor Operation.
  • Clock Into or out of a Break
  • Clock In times may be rounded up, down to the nearest increment specified.
  • Assigned Tasks may be marked as “complete” by the user.
  • Both the PC and mobile app allow for clocking into specific assigned work order tasks.
  • Mobile App provides a timesheet for entering time on the mobile device when a data connection is not available. The timesheet may later be uploaded to the Crows Nest Server once data access has been reestablished.
labor collection

“We’ve got a number of people here who are all working on projects, and it’s one central place to keep everything, all the information we need for a project. And it’s more scalable, if a project manager wins the lottery and doesn’t come in tomorrow, we’ll all know where to pick up the ball because of course it’s in Crows Nest.”

—Jeff Popham, President, Island Precision Manufacturing

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