Miller’s Custom Cabinets Testimonial

“Crows Nest has made the most significant impact to our company.”

“We purchased Crows Nest as part of a larger investment in our company in which we updated and purchased several new pieces of equipment to update our shop. These purchases included 2 new CNC machines and some other equipment that came with much larger price tags than what Crows Nest did. We purchased Crows Nest because we were looking to automate our scheduling which we were still doing by hand on a calendar.

What we received when we purchased Crows Nest was much more valuable to our company than just a scheduling program. We now use Crows Nest for scheduling, purchasing, receiving, labor tracking, job costing, and employee information. We have found this program to be very versatile and adaptive to our specific business model. Looking back now, out of all of the purchases we made Crows Nest has made the most significant impact to our company. I can’t imagine running my company without it.”

‐ Danny Miller, President

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