Architectural Components Group Testimonial

“We are able to link all of our project information together…”

“We first saw a Crows Nest presentation at CISCA in 2008, and it looked like it had potential. We had been researching a few other management software packages, but most of them either did way more than we needed, or they were too industry specific. We needed a management system that was tailored for the millwork industry but one with enough flexibility to work within our often a‐typical projects. We considered developing our own data base, but the required infrastructure, programmers, and time required were cost prohibitive. When we decided to contact the guys at Crows Nest, there were several questions we had that they could not answer, but they were eager to figure out answers. They had all of the tools in place to take a beta version of Crows Nest to the next level. After some discussion with Paul about how Crows Nest could meet our needs, we made the commitment to implement Crows Nest as our project management software.

Over the course of the last year, Crows Nest has been a great asset for us. Our raw data is much more organized, we spend less time in meetings to share information, we can get a better picture of how busy we are and how busy we are going to be, and we are able to schedule projects much more efficiently. We are able to link all of our project information together including all of our business and individual contacts, correspondence, drawings, shipping information, budgets, schedules, and much more, all accessible through Crows Nest. Paul has been great at listening to our needs and suggestions and we have received several updates that incorporate our ideas. As much as we rely on Crows Nest for information now, it is difficult to imagine not having it.”

‐ Brad A. McKenzie, AIA

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