The Missing Piece in Your Business

Crows Nest Software is the missing piece in your business. Crows Nest is the perfect project management solution for your company’s subcontractors, fabricators, installers, and service providers.

Crows Nest Software

Crows Nest began its development in 2008, as a partnership between Paul Hitchcock and the owners of a company in the construction industry.

The original focus of Crows Nest was to meet the needs of the many departments in the firm that were not handled by traditional accounting and engineering software. Those included scheduling, document management, material purchasing and employee time-tracking. Since that time, the scope of what the software is able to do has broadened to include many additional facets related to running a project-based business.

Recently, we have partnered with Norm Fink of NPF Consultants, who now handles all sales and marketing for the software. His firm’s long experience in the industry has assisted us in reaching new clients, which has resulted in the further development of new key features.

Meet the Team


Paul Hitchcock, President & Lead Developer

Paul has been writing software since the late ’80s and involved in the commercial woodworking industry since 2000. After developing some proprietary software for other woodworking shops, he partnered with a company in the construction industry in 2008 to develop Crows Nest. Paul has spent most of his life in the Great Northwest and is currently based in Portland, OR.


Norm Fink, Global Sales & Marketing

Norm Fink is president and founder of our sales and consulting partner, NPF Consultants. Norm has extensive experience in working with project-based manufactures and specialty trades, having been a third generation owner of an architectural woodworking firm. In 1980, Norm was the co-founder of a software company that revolutionized estimating, production engineering, and shop drawing requirements resulting in significant time reductions and increased accuracy.

Commencing in 1996, Norm held executive sales management positions with various software companies that focused on manufacturing and supply-chain management (SCM) solutions, until the formation of NPF Consultants. NPF Consultants exclusively represents Crows Nest in sales, implementation, and usage training in addition to offering consulting services.

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